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The 7792 cutter series has been designed for high-feed milling applications with superior surface generation. 7792VX cutters are designed for a wide range of applications, including facing, pocketing, ramping, helical interpolation, and plunging. They are capable of machining all materials, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and high-temperature alloys. These tools are also suitable for machining aluminum alloys.

Features and Benefits

The 7792VX high-feed cutters are the best solution when specifically focusing on reducing cycle times or removing the maximum volume of material in the shortest time. The unique design and insert positioning of the high-feed cutter help to achieve up to 5x higher feed rates than other cutters o n the market. When used in long (extended) toolholders, the 7792VX cutters absorb vibrations and greatly reduce instability and tool deflection. Integrated wiper facet for improved surface finish: 16 Ra (1,6) when used at <0,5 m m/z. 7792VXP06: Maximum ap = 0.035" Diameter Range = 0.625-1.250" 7792VXD09: Maximum ap = 0.059" Diameter Range = 1.000-2.000" 7792VXD12: Maximum ap = 0.098" Diameter Range = 1.250-6.300" 7792VXE16: Maximum ap = 0.138" Diameter Range = 2.500-6.000"

NOTE: Larger diameter shell mill fixation cutters with interchangeable cartridges are available.

New ultra-fine pitch cutters further increase the material removal rates, specially on high-temp alloys.

Stellram 7792

Stellram 7792 High-Feed Series

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