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Drill Fix DFR

Features and Benefits

Drill Fix DFR offers maximum feed rates at diameter range .500-1.000" (12,5-24mm) at 2 x D, 3 x D, and 4 x D applications. Using rectangular-shaped inboard and outboard inserts enables soft starting cuts and short chips as well as enabling higher feed rates than small-size symmetrical-trigon or square inserts. Drill Fix DFR has low cutting forces, which provide long tool body life and highest stability at the smallest sizes.

Productivity and Profitability Versatility Reliability Customization

Achieve highest feed rates with rectangular-shaped inserts that offer a soft starting cut and highest stability. Use X-offset on turning machines to adjust the drill diameter, eliminating the need for specials in many applications and on machining centers, to reach tolerance optimization. Same insert size is used in each pocket, reducing inventory costs. Diameter range covering .500-1.000" (12,5-24mm). 2 x D, 3 x D, and 4 x D L/D ratios available as standard. Multiple insert grades and geometries available. Use where feed rates are the limiting factor. Apply at straight holes, inclined entries and exits, interrupted cuts, and rough or welded entry surfaces. Eccentric chuck available as standard. Highest stability at smaller sizes due to rectangular-shaped insert. Same insert can be used as inboard or outboard insert. Low cutting forces resulting in long body tool life. Intermediate diameters available as semi-standards. Engineered solutions available. Multistep drills available upon request.

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