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Primary Application

The KenTIP Modular Drill System offers performance levels commonly achieved with solid carbide drills. The patented locking system enables inserts to be changed inside the machine tool. Use KenTIP in steel, cast iron, ductile iron, and stainless steel applications. KenTIP Modular Drills are available up to diameter 27,99mm. With the new diameter extensions of KSEM PLUS down to 28mm, we offer modular drilling solutions with a front clamping mechanism from diameter 8-70mm. The user can change the drilling inserts in the machine without taking the body off, saving setup time and manufacturing costs. Introducing the all new KenTIP inserts made of KCP15 grade especially developed to provide longer tool life for steel applications.

KenTIP Modular Drill System

Improved Interface

Stronger pocket seats on all inserts and bodies. Longer tip and body life in unstable conditions, especially side loads. All new tips and bodies are interchangeable with previous versions.

HP Drill-Point Design

Low thrust prevents workpiece flexing. Excellent centring capabilities.

Easy Insert Change

Locking method requires no screws or clamps. Insert blades can be changed with a simple provided tool and does not require drill body removal from the machine or holder.


No reconditioning costs. Consistent performance. Eliminates number of tools waiting for reconditioning, providing significant cost savings. KCP15 grade has a new PVD coating enabling longer tool life in all steel applications.

Features and Benefits

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