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Tailored Grades

Centre Inserts KC7315 grade is a TiAlN-based PVD grade, offering superior performance in all steel applications. Drill Fix Lateral Inserts KCU25 grade enables high metal removal rates. With its advanced TiCN-Al-CVD coating, it excels with superior tool life in stable working conditions. KCU40 is your first choice for high reliability when machining most materials for applications with medium cutting speeds. It features a multilayered TiAlN-PVD coating, providing high wear resistance in challenging conditions. KC7140 grade is a TiCN-based, PVD-coated alloyed carbide, ideal for machining alloyed steel and stainless steel on KSEM PLUS systems. KC7225 offers the highest level of process safety for non-ferrous materials, super alloys, and titanium. It features a TiAlN-PVD-coated fine-grain carbide.

KSEM PLUS B1 heads for difficult drilling conditions. KSEM PLUS A1 heads.

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