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Primary Application

HARVI II Long is designed for machining titanium, steels, and stainless steels with excellent surface finishes at maximum Metal Removal Rates (MRR). The extended cutting length enables the HARVI II Long to machine deep pockets with thin walls in semi-finishing and finishing operations. It also reduces the number of cuts when machining wing profiles for the aerospace industry.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Technology

Five unequally spaced flutes for chatter-free machining at high feed rates, improving surface finish and tool life. 3 x D and 5 x D lengths for reduced number of cuts. Innovative core design increases stability for exceptionally straight walls. Improved feed rate in corner machining operations versus conventional cutters.

Tailored Grades

Universal KC643M grade suitable for cutting steel, cast iron, stainless steel (wet), and titanium (wet). 5 x D side milling finishing operations in titanium and stainless steels. Exceptionally straight walls. Universal KC643M grade for long tool life.

Extensive Standard Offering

Diameter range 6-25mm. Various corner radii in stock.


Intermediate diameters available. Chip divider geometry available for reduced power consumption and improved chip formation in difficult-to-cut materials. Internal coolant axial, as well as radial, available. Various shank options and non-standard coatings available.

HARVI II Long High-Performance Solid Carbide End Mills

3 x D and 5 x D lengths of cut without reduced feed rates when machining corners.

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