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Features and Benefits

Kenna Universal Drills

Primary Application

Kenna Universal Drills (B96_B97_Series) are engineered to deliver superior performance in steel, cast iron, and stainless steel applications making it ideal for small- and medium-sized shops. The universal application profile reduces tool change times and the number of drills in inventory. Covering a large spectrum of off-the-shelf diameters and a broad range of applications makes Kenna Universal Drills an excellent alternative to other high-performance products. The new B976Z series is available from .0938-.1181" (2,383-3mm) making it the first standard offering in less than .1181" (3mm). This extended diameter offering covers all common tap drill sizes, including an expanded selection of wire, fractional, and letter sizes.

Kenna Universal Drill-Point Design Four-Margin Land Design

KC7315 Grade

Low thrust. Works well on a variety of machines. Excellent centering capabilities. Easy to regrind. Improves hole straightness and roundness. Provides good alignment and stability in tough drilling applications - even when drilling through cross holes. A multilayer, TiAlN-based coating with high hot hardness enables 30% higher cutting speeds and constant tool life. Surface finish ensures chip evacuation when drilling deep holes.

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