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Primary Application Advanced Technology Customization Tailored Grades Standard Offering

Features and Benefits

HARVI I offers plunging, slotting, and profiling at high feed rates for a wide range of materials. They are designed to provide maximum Metal Removal Rates (MRR) and to achieve superior surface conditions. A wide range of diameters and corner configurations, such as chamfer, radii, and sharp edges, are available from stock. The new HARVI I neck further complements the HARVI I offering and increases manufacturing flexibility on deep cavities and long walls at high feed rates. Roughing and finishing with one tool. Outstanding metal removal rates increase productivity. KCPM15 Beyond grade for long tool life. KC643M for high temperature alloys. Four unequally spaced flutes for chatter-free machining at high feed rates. Center cutting design for plunging, improved ramping, and helical interpolation capabilities. 1 x D full slotting capability in: - Steel - Stainless steel - Titanium Intermediate diameters available. Expanded length of tool, as well as increased length-of-cut, is possible. Internal axial and radial coolant available. Various shank options and non-standard coatings available. Multiple steps possible. Proprietary KCPM15 Beyond grade for outstanding wear protection in milling stainless steel to mitigate crater, DOCN (depth-of-cut notching), and flank wear. Diameter range of .24-.98" (6-25mm).

Designed for roughing and finishing with one tool on almost all materials.


High-Performance Solid Carbide End Mills

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