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Dodeka, Dodeka Mini, and Dodeka MAX are the most comprehensive face milling boosters on the market today. Twelve true cutting edges per insert mean low cost per edge and high productivity. With Beyond premium milling grades, you will see up to 30% higher Metal Removal Rates (MRR), 25% lower cutting forces due to real soft cutting action, and up to 35% better tool life in light to heavy machining.

Dodeka Mini Series Most comprehensive face milling booster in the market, up to Ap1 max = .174"

All different cutter body variations can be loaded with one insert style.

Dodeka Mini HF can be loaded with all Dodeka Mini standard inserts, except wiper inserts.

Dodeka Mini High-Feed Dodeka Mini 45 Dodeka Mini 30

Best-in-class leader in face milling up to Ap1 max = .127". Excellent choice for near net shape strategies and driven tools. Achieve a higher axial depth-of-cut capability up to Ap1 = .174" with standard Dodeka Mini inserts.


True Cutting Edges

Insert HNGJ43 HNPJ43 Ap1 max = .064"

75 lead


True Cutting Edges

Insert HNGJ43 HNPJ43 Ap1 max = .127"

45 lead


True Cutting Edges

Insert HNGJ43 HNPJ43 Ap1 max = .174"

30 lead

Capable in all material groups. Excellent results in machining titanium.


Dodeka Series

Leader in Advanced Face Milling Applications

Features and Benefits

Dodeka insert size HN.J535 Ap1 max = .178" Dodeka Mini Series insert size HN.J43 Ap1 max = .174" Dodeka MAX insert size HN.J75 Ap1 max = .315"

Primary Application

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