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Mill 1 High-Performance Shoulder Milling Platform

Primary Application

The multifunctional Mill 1 platform works with all tool materials in shoulder, ramp, slot, plunge, and helical milling with one insert style to improve productivity and reduce inventory and machining costs. The super positive cutting rake, soft cutting action, and low cutting forces enable higher feed rates and spindle protection. Innovative insert and cutter body designs offer improved ramping capabilities.

Features and Benefits


Works with all tool materials. Capable of shoulder, ramp, plunge, and helical milling. Internal coolant and air supply.


Optimised soft cutting edge. Elliptical edge generates 90 wall. Increased ramping capability due to state of the art insert and cutter body design. Innovative chip gash design for excellent chip evacuation and perfect cutter body stability. All pockets are machined into heat-treated materials, guaranteeing best-in-class runout and pocket strength. Inserts feature innovative margin along the main cutting edge, corner nose radius, and wiper facet for perfect edge stability.

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