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Primary Application

Choose A4 tooling for turning, facing, grooving, face grooving, and cut-off applications across a broad range of workpiece materials. The unique clamping system and versatile insert geometry deliver the highest metal removal rates in the industry.

A4 Grooving and Turning System

One tool for turning, facing, grooving, face-grooving, and cut-off in O.D. and I.D. applications means exceptionally fast cycle times, no turret indexes! Extra-long clamping area, ground 120 bottom prism seating surface, and an exclusive top guide rail combine to deliver unsurpassed grooving and side-turning stability! Precise insert positioning is ensured for accurate cuts! Rigid clamping securely locks insert in place through the toughest cuts. Versatile design enables one system to handle O.D. and I.D. grooving, face grooving, back turning, undercutting, and even threading operations. Chip control inserts provide excellent chip evacuation in grooving, and offer better chip control in multidirectional turning.

Features and Benefits

A4 Tooling and Beyond Inserts for All Your O.D. and I.D. Applications

A4 Chipbreakers

GMN Chipbreaker GMP Chipbreaker GUP Chipbreaker GMP Chipbreaker

120 guide rail

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