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Getting Started, and Getting Finished, Is Easy.

Follow these 4 simple steps and be on your way to restored tools and great savings.

Visit kennametal.com to find the tool you're looking to have repaired. Download and complete the form. Mail the completed form and the tooling to the Kennametal Service and Repair Department. Kennametal will quickly respond to your request with a cost estimate and timetable for the completion of the repair. Within 60 days of receiving the estimate, notify Kennametal whether you'd like the tooling repaired, returned, or scrapped.

*Please note that the tap adaptors are not cost effective to repair.



Repair Services

Tools are valuable. Protect them and get the most from your investment.

You can be assured that when your advanced tooling products need to be serviced, the Kennametal Service and Repair Department has the highly trained, experienced staff to provide expert assistance. For about half the cost of a new tool purchase, you can have your existing, damaged tools serviced and repaired to like-new condition.

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