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Primary Application

The KSEM Modular Drill System offers extended length and drilling diameters beyond the KenTIP Modular Drill System. Hole depths of 10 x D up to 40mm drilling diameter are standard. Various grades are available for your most demanding applications. The KSEM Modular Drill System covers a diameter range from 12,5-40mm.

Features and Benefits

HP Drill-Point Design

Low thrust prevents workpiece flexing. Excellent centring capabilities. HPG(M) for all steel applications. HPL(M) for stainless steel.

Easy Insert Change

Robust pocket design requires only a simple wrench for blade removal. Selection of grades/geometries available.

Strength of Design

Accelerated feed rates offer increased productivity. Four-wall pocket provides insert stability. All geometries except HPL(M) can be reconditioned by Kennametal for added economy. Through coolant standard for improved tool life, hole finish, and chip removal.

Tailored Grades and Geometries

KC7315 grade is a TiAlN-based PVD grade offering superior performance in all steel applications. KC7320 grade has an AlTiN-based PVD coating developed for the demands of drilling stainless steels.

KSEM Modular Drill System



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