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Replaceable Heads with FDS-Interface Coupling

Quickly and easily replace inserts or drill heads without the need to remove complete tool bodies from machine. Save money and reduce tool stock by replacing just the worn drill head; keep the tool body for further usage. Use one tool body for different sizes and styles of drill heads (a head fits any drill body of the same FDS size).


High metal removal rates. Very stable in normal cutting conditions. Cost-effective indexable Drill Fix DFT inserts.


High-speed drilling in difficult conditions. Drills stacked plates and cored holes. Capable of machining through cross holes. Works with slanted exits up to 15.

Two Effective Cutting Edges

Like any solid carbide or modular drill, KSEM PLUS has two full cutting edges in action when operating. Unmatched performance with up to 100% increased productivity vs. an indexable drill of the same diameter.

KSEM PLUS Pilot Insert

Very high feed rates, comparable to modular drills. Very long tool life of KSEM PLUS centre inserts and modular heads due to total prevention of chip flow obstruction. No precentring necessary for toolholders up to 5 x D.

DFR /DFT /DFC Outboard Inserts

Very high cutting speeds enable advanced metal removal rates. Improved stability in all cutting conditions. Indexable inserts provide good surface finish and hole diameter accuracy.

KSEM PLUS Modular Drill System

Our KSEM PLUS drill concept is simple but effective. It combines the benefits of the KSEM modular drill (high feeds and length-to-diameter [L/D] ratios) with the benefits of an indexable drill (high speeds and low consumable costs). KSEM PLUS is a modular drilling platform, offering a pre-mountable HSS head with pocket seats for carbide inserts. KSEM PLUS features two head styles which are interchangeable on fitting tool bodies with our flexible FDS interface.

Features and Benefits

Primary Application

KSEM PLUS performs in steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and advanced materials. It is perfectly suited to replace HSS or indexable drilling tools. The KSEM PLUS range comprises 28101mm from 310 x D. There is a wide range of applications in the energy market, and in general engineering (e.g., bearing rings for windmills, hydraulic manifolds, large engine parts, generator housings, etc.). This tool will deliver vast improvements in productivity, and greatly attribute to increasing your machining capacity.

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