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Drill Fix DFSP

Higher Productivity and Profitability Reliability

Achieve highest metal removal rates and excellent chip evacuation due to advanced chip flutes and non-central and increased cooling channels. Make use of squared outboard inserts that offer four economic cutting edges where needed. Benefit from a complete product portfolio offering standard L/D ratios up to 5 x D. Quick and easy change of insert grade and/or geometry to address material and application changes. Benefit from high accuracy holes independently from feed rates applied. Gain outstanding results by applying the Beyond grades for DFT and SPGX/SPPX. High wear resistance at interrupted cuts due to squared outboard insert.


Drill holes up to 5 x D in steel, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, and non-ferrous materials. Use where speed and economy are prime considerations. Apply DFSP drills to straight holes, inclined entries and exits, interrupted cuts, and rough or welded entry surfaces. Use X-offset on turning machines to adjust the drill diameter, eliminating the need for specials in many applications and on machining centres to reach tolerance optimisation. Eccentric chuck available as standard.

Features and Benefits

DFSP is the new name of the now extended Drill Fix DFS indexable drilling platform. The standard diameter range is now expanded starting from 14-55mm in L/D ratios 2 x D, 3 x D, 4 x D, and 5 x D. Like the DFS, the DFSP combines the economically squared outboard insert with the superior centring capabilities of the trigon inboard insert. DFSP indexable drills offer increased metal removal rates combined with high surface quality and hole straightness. Boost your productivity even further and achieve outstanding results in steel, stainless steel, and cast iron with the latest Beyond insert grades.

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