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Primary Application

HARVI I offers plunging, slotting, and profiling at the highest possible feed rates for a wide range of materials. They are designed to provide maximum Metal Removal Rates (MRR) and to achieve superior surface conditions. A wide range of diameters and corner configurations, such as chamfer, radii, and sharp edges, are available from stock.

Features and Benefits

Advanced Technology

Four unequally spaced flutes for chatter-free machining at high feed rates. Centre cutting design for plunging and improved ramping and helical interpolation capabilities. 1 x D full slotting capability in: - Steel - Stainless steel - Titanium

Tailored Grades

Proprietary KCPM15 Beyond grade for outstanding wear protection in milling stainless steel to mitigate crater, DOCN (depth-of-cut notching), and flank wear. Roughing and finishing with one tool. Outstanding Metal Removal Rates increase productivity. KCPM15 Beyond grades for long tool life.

Extensive Standard Offering

Diameter range 4-25mm. Necked, corner radii, and square-end offering. Extended reach length. Ball nose with extended reach length. Chip divider geometry for reduced power consumption and improved chip formation in difficult-to-cut materials.


Intermediate diameters available. Expanded length of tool, as well as increased length of cut, possible. Internal coolant axial, as well as radial, available. Various shank options and non-standard coatings available. Multiple steps possible.

HARVI I High-Performance Solid Carbide End Mills

Designed for roughing and finishing with one tool on almost all materials.

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